What is the future of Influencer marketing?

Today consumers are suffering from advertising fatigue. Besides, digital advertising on the internet is getting more pervasive, intrusive, and annoying. Many research shows that people feel overwhelmed, irritated, and interrupted especially by bad digital advertisements. As a result, consumers are increasingly ignoring and trying to avoid advertisements on the internet.

Ad blindness is a very real thing and getting far more pervasive among internet users. And that is why use of ad blocker software has been on the rise in recent years. To avoid unwanted ads and surf the web in peace, it is estimated that around one third of all internet users resort to ad blocker softwares, which poses a significant threat to the growth of digital internet marketing.

In the face of increasing advertising fatigue and ad blindness among internet users, getting people to pay attention to digital ads on the internet without giving them any disturbance stands as one of the biggest problems that the digital advertising industry faces.

At this point, influencer marketing has a significant potential to provide an effective and sustainable solution to this problem. Cooperating with an external person who is loved, respected, and trusted by the target market yields higher confidence and credibility. When people believe and trust an influencer, they tend to pay more attention and are more likely to respond positively towards advertised products and services.

That is why some circles argue that the future of advertising rests largely in the hands of influencers. With the increasing recognition of the potential and value of influencer marketing to increase brand awareness, we are most likely to see each day more brands building long-term relationships with influencers. Such relationships, while allowing influencers to play a significant role in the consumer decision process, provide marketers with a strong potential to save money, time, and effort.



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